DMAN subsidiary in Moscow


DMAN is the sole shareholder of ‚Obshestvo s ogranichennoi otvetstvennostju „BMS“’ (OOO „BMS“), located in Moscow.

DMAN established OOO “BMS” as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2008. The legal form of an “OOO” is the Russian equivalent of a limited liability company. Managed by Director Anna Urumyan, "BMS" markets the DMAN offerings in Russia. 

For its German customers, OOO „BMS“ can handle import transactions in Russia and close rouble-based contracts with Russian companies. This is a valuable service in all cases where the Russian customer does not want to act as the importer and therefore insists on a rouble-based delivery “free domicile”, and the German supplier does not have a dealer or subsidiary in Russia.

This new service is not exclusive to the member companies of the DMAN Business Pool Moscow, but offered to all interested German firms.



Anna Urumyan

Managing Director OOO "BMS"

1. Kasatschi Pereulok Nr. 7
119017 Moskau, Russia

Phone:   +7 495 730 40 43  
Fax:         +7 495 730 40 44

First contact for more information:

Frank Neumann
DMAN Celle

Phone : +49 5141 973 282 
Fax:        +49 5141 973 200
E-mail:    koop(at)