House of German Business

The Moscow office represents the interests of the academy and its German business partners in the Russian Federation. It is committed to establishing new contacts as well as extending existing contacts in the Russian Federation and other CIS states.

Under the leadershiop of Anna Urumyan, the team in Moscow supports Niedersachsen companies in Russia. All team members are multilingual and very experienced. Over the years, they have built up a broad contact network to administrations, business associations, universities and companies in the Russian Federation.

The representation office is located in the House of German Business, in the city centre of Moscow.

Business Pool Moscow

Companies that are interested in entering into the Russian market are welcome to join the DMAN Business Pool Moscow. The business pool, which is open to all industries, provides companies with the necessary infrastructure to establish local business contacts and cooperations or prepare their own sales structures.

As a business pool member, you can enter the Russian market on a cost-efficient basis.

The DMAN Business Pool Moscow is connected to the DMAN representation in the House of German Business. With their central location and excellent facilities, our offices offer an ideal starting point for your activities in Russia. Highly motivated personnel supports you in all organisational matters.

  • Business pool member enjoy these benefits:
  • Efficient market entry without the red tape
  • Representation of your interests through the DMAN office in Moscow
  • Exact cost control
  • Office rooms, secretarial service, transport, trip management
  • Research of industry-specific market information
  • Preparation and management of company visits in Russia
  • Organisation of trade fair participations in Moscow and other Russian regions
  • Contacts to potential customers, suppliers, co-operation partners


Your contact at DMAN:

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Neumann
International Representations and Cooperations
Phone +49.5141.973-282
E-mail koop(at)



Anna Urumyan


1. Kasatschi Pereulok Nr. 7
119017 Moscow, Russia

Phone:  +7 495 730 40 43  
Fax:        +7 495 730 40 44
E-mail:    a.urumyan(at)

First contact for more information:

Frank Neumann
DMAN Celle

Phone:  +49 5141 973 282 
Fax:        +49 5141 973 200
E-mail:    koop(at)