Welcome to Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen, Germany’s second-largest federal state, is located at the centre of Europe, which makes it a major hub of the continent’s communications and trade.

Thanks to its central position, Niedersachsen is the ideal location from which to gain access to markets, customers and suppliers not only within the enlarged European Union, but also in eastern Europe.

Niedersachsen is one of the most important centres of the automotive industry in Europe. In the Wolfsburg-Hannover-Braunschweig economic region, a closely meshed network of supplier firms has arisen, together with a dense research and development infrastructure for the automobile sector.

Together with Hamburg and Bremen, the federal state of Niedersachsen is one of the few aerospace locations in Europe that can offer competence covering the entire value chain of aircraft construction. 

Germany’s most important shipbuilding locations are on the rivers Elbe, Weser and Ems. 27 % of all German shipbuilders work in Niedersachsen. And with the new JadeWeserPort, which opened in 2012, Niedersachsen hosts Germany’s only deep- water port.

The agricultural and food industry has always occupied a central role in Nieder- sachsen: it is, after the car industry, the state's second-largest business sector. Local companies are leading on the European and worldwide markets in the fields of plant-breeding and green genetic engineering. And the manufacturers of agricultural machinery count among the world market leaders in their respective product areas.

Niedersachsen offers the best geological and technological conditions for the energy sector in Germany. Some 90 % of Germany’s gas production and around a third of the country‘s oil production come from Niedersachsen. Thanks to its longstanding tradition as an oil and gas state, Niedersachsen can boast outstanding know-how in all fields relating to energy- therefore, it comes as no surprise that Niedersachsen is the leading state in Germany for modern energy technology, especially for wind power.

Whether it is biotechnology, medical, metering or materials technology – thanks to its numerous research and development establishments, Niedersachsen offers potential investors an efficient network for knowledge transfer. There are 11 institutions of university status in Niedersachsen, including universities with venerable traditions such as those in Braunschweig, Göttingen and Clausthal and Hannover Medical School, plus two artistic and 13 polytechnic colleges, 120 non-university research establishments and technology transfer units at all higher education institutes.

Niedersachsen’s capital Hannover has the largest fair grounds in the world. No other trade show location provides a comparable infrastructure.CeBIT and the HANNOVER FAIR set benchmarks, and many other international flagship fairs take place in Hannover as well, e.g. Agritechnica, Biotechnica or IAA Commercial Vehicles, to name just a few.

Last but not least, Niedersachsen is more than just a business location: It is also a state with many attractive leisure opportunities.

In its regional and cultural diversity, it has much to offer – not only in the cities, but in its rural areas as well.

Celebrated theatres, some 800 museums, major musical events and art collections of world rank can be found not only in the urban centres, but also enriching life out in the country. Historic towns invite visitors to come and get to know Niedersachsen and its people, and the  unique expanses of natural scenery and well-tended countryside are popular recreation areas.


For detailed information on Niedersachsen, please visit: www.lower-saxony.de

Facts & Figures

Area: 47,613 km²
= 13% of Germany, second-largest federal state by area

Population (in 2011):
7.9 million inhabitants
= 9,6% of Germany, fourth-largest federal state by population

Population densitiy:
166 inhabitants/ km²

Gross domestic product
(GDP, in 2011): 224 billion Euro

State capital: Hanover
(526,000 inhabitants)

Other cities include:
Brunswick, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Göttingen, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Hildesheim, Celle

Large companies headquartered in Niedersachsen:

  • Volkswagen AG (automotive manufacturer, Wolfsburg)
  • Continental AG (automotive supplier, Hanover)
  • TUI AG (travel, Hanover)
  • Talanx AG (insurance, Hannover)
  • Salzgitter AG (steel, Salzgitter)
  • EWE AG (energy supplier, Oldenburg)
  • Norddeutsche Landesbank (bank, Hannover)
  • Deutsche Messe AG (trade fairs, Hannover)