Indian managers establish business contacts with German companies

Under the motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany", an 18-person group of Indian managers and entrepreneurs visited 17 well-known German companies and institutions in September 2017.

The product spectrum represented by the participants included LED luminaires and solar systems, sheet metal processing parts, automotive components and hydraulic systems, as well as trade in metalworking tools.

Two major topics were almost always at the center of the discussions and company visits: quality management and the German corporate culture.

The group was impressed by their first company visit that led them to Ecoroll AG in Celle. After a friendly welcome by the board, the visitors were informed about the company’s special features and production techniques. Ecoroll tools and machines refine metal surfaces by reshaping the surface layer. The Indian group was so fascinated by the quality and finish of the workpieces that some attendees took the opportunity to arrange meetings at the EMO fair to discuss future cooperations in India.

Schüco International in Bielefeld provided an impressive example of a corporate presence, with its generous new showroom that spontaneously reminded the Indian participants of modern museums. The guests were surprised by the company's central business model: Schüco does not manufacture any windows or facades, but sees its role in development, design, and the definition of quality and safety standards. The products end up bearing the Schüco label, but are completely manufactured by suppliers according to strict specifications.

At H. Butting in Knesebeck, quality manager Thomas Knöfel guided the Indian participants through all central production areas of the company, which focuses on tube production, but is also successful in the production of transport containers for nuclear waste or large-scale bottling plants for the beverage industry. After the tour and intensive discussions, Knöfel was impressed by the good preparation and the interest shown by the participants: "Due to their entrepreneurial background and their deep knowledge of production technology and business fields, these Indian visitors were a perfect fit for our company, and I assume that this will lead to some business cooperation in the future."

In addition to these group visits and individual company visits, the four-week training included trainings in Celle which provided the attendees with intensive opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills, e.g. in presentation techniques, strategic management and intercultural exchange between Germany and India. "I have learned a lot about what is important to our German business partners – for example punctuality at appointments, or the concentration on exactly those topics from which both sides can benefit," one participant summed up.

Since many participants are working in metalworking, the EMO (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine) trade fair in Hanover was of particular relevance to them. Here, the participants could discuss their projects face to face with suppliers from all over the world. Often, the first meeting at the fair was followed by another appointment the day after to intensify the discussions. The Indian managers spoke of excellent and extremely effective contacts that would have been difficult or impossible to build without the EMO fair.

In the final presentations, it became clear which concrete steps the participants expect and push forward as a result of their talks. Individual business deals are already close to being finalized.

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