Economic development and business promotion "made in Germany"

This could have been the motto of the qualification programme for Kyrgyz leaders carried out by DMAN as part of the Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Celle from 13 March to 7 April 2017.

The 12 participating directors, most of whom were also the owners of their companies, represented various small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly from Bishkek, and a broad spectrum of industries ranging from food, construction, textile production, printing, gas and oil to rose growing.

Accordingly, the individual interests of the participants were quite different. But they all wanted to buy German products, equipment or machines. They were seriously interested in bilateral economic relations and wanted to enhance their knowledge about the political mechanisms of economic development in Germany. Business promotion and municipal project development also figured at the top of their agenda.

The programme offered many opportunities for this. Discussions with representatives of the city of Celle and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Lüneburg gave the participants important practical information and impulses. The group then visited the HafenCity Hamburg. Using the example of this largest urban development project in Europe, the interaction of public, municipal and private actors during the whole process from planning to implementation could very well be demonstrated.

Visit at the HafenCity Hamburg

Professional and extremely interesting – that is how Zhipara Raimkulova from Bishkek found the practical examples of urban living, ecological and social sustainability of the infrastructure as well as the foundation of building cooperatives as part of the development process. Land allocation, real estate prices and rental prices were openly discussed.

Zhanarbek Omurbekov from Osch summarized his impressions as follows: "This unique project has shown us what well-managed collaboration between the state and private investors can achieve. The combination of luxurious and social living facilities combined with an extensive and perfectly designed infrastructure is, from my point of view, the dream of any modern city in the world. The approach to land allocation is also quite interesting: Here, the winners are not those who bring more money, but those who offer the better projects. Such a model is still hard to imagine in our country, but now we know that it can work."

The visit of the CeBIT fair in Hanover is traditionally one of the special highlights in March. This year, the world's largest exhibition of digital solutions in the field of information and communication technology was dedicated to the digital transformation and concrete applications. IT expert Rysbek Dolodiiarov loved the opportunity to visit the world-famous CeBIT. "The standards of the show are impressive, and so are the exhibitors. These include, among others, world market leaders such as Intel, SAP and IBM, to which you never get as close as here. On the other hand, there are many small and medium-sized IT companies from all over the world, especially start-ups. This gives you many opportunities to get in touch and establish useful business contacts."

With their visit to HS Anlagenbau GmbH in Stadthagen, the participants also gathered interesting impressions and inspiration. The company specializes in delivering the conception, consulting and execution of industrial and combustion plants from a single source. Managing director Jochen Sembdner gave a compelling presentation of the systematic and conceptual elaboration of the company's environmental concept.

Elvira Borombajeva from Bishkek found that "this relatively young German company is working in a very interesting niche. The idea of making money out of waste is not new to us, but their professionalism and care are impressive. The model of a general contractor, who connects numerous service providers and suppliers under one roof, is perfectly implemented. It is also very interesting to see the cooperation with local universities to train young professionals for the work with their own facilities. This is a very clever strategy to penetrate foreign markets." The visit laid the foundations for future cooperation with the Association of Small Hydropower Plants of Kyrgyzstan.

Company visit at Dürkopp Adler AG in Bielefeld

Dürkopp Adler AG in Bielefeld presented itself as a sewing machine factory with a long tradition, which now operates, with highly modern service and sales organizations, on a worldwide basis. It is the aim of the company to perfect the automation of its production processes while ensuring a maximum of flexible application options. Zhipara Raimkulova, managing director in the textile sector, was enthusiastic: "This is a great company with great products. The sewing machines we saw impress with their quality and automation options. With such machines, our craftsmen could increase the quality of their products many times over, while at the same time reducing their workload. It is interesting that the company offers special prices for the Kyrgyz market. That makes the products even more attractive."

Andrei Olfert, Area Sales Manager at Dürkopp Adler AG, was also very enthusiastic about the "great, open-minded group that showed interest in our products and in cooperation in Kyrgyzstan. The country is a promising market for us. It is constantly moving and has great potential for growth. We always look forward to welcoming such groups." A real win-win situation indeed.

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