Qualification programmes

We qualify specialists and managers for the world market.

In our seminars, we impart business management know-how, specialized knowledge on many topics and information on international markets.

The knowledge transfer in our seminars is complemented with case studies, company visits and internships in German companies. Thus, our participants gain valuable ideas and suggestions which they can immediately put into practice in their home companies, administrations or educational institutions.

Your qualification targets are the starting point for every qualification programme we design. Based on the scope and contents you define, we develop your individual training programme. We can also accompany your staff with tailor-made inhouse trainings and help them translate the seminar results into practice.

All DMAN programmes are characterized by:

  • a high degree of practical orientation,
  • their individual design, as agreed with each single customer,
  • a consistent orientation towards the defined qualification goals,
  • the opportunity to exchange information and ideas within the seminar group.


Seminar modules and fact-finding company visits are the main components of our programmes. They can be designed individually and combined at your discretion.

Practice-oriented seminar modules

Practice-oriented seminars

The seminar modules transfer knowledge related to certain subject matters or markets. Examples, field reports, exercises and case studies round off the theoretical information. Very often, lively discussions develop among the participants and with our trainers, on topics discussed in the seminar, but also on other current topics.

The DMAN trainers are experts with long practical experience. They are company or administration managers, management consultants or representatives of industry associations.

Information visits

Company visit
Establishing business contacts

Visits to German companies give direct impressions and the opportunity to exchange information and ideas. On site, the participants can see new technologies, organisational solutions and the application of managerial instruments, and they can discuss with their hosts. This allows them to gather valuable ideas, which they can immediately put into practice at home.

Typically, the visits include an introduction to the host company, a short presentation on a management subject, a discussion and a guided tour of production or other work areas, employee recreation rooms or other areas of interest.

Very often, these visits are a first step in establishing useful business contacts. People get to know each other personally, gain a first impression of the company, and exchange business cards. Later on, these contacts can easily be renewed and deepened – and many of them have already led to concrete joint business activities, beneficial to both sides.

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