Programmes for public administrations

Qualification for public administrations

Our qualification programmes are not only aimed at companies, but also at public administrations.

For twenty years now, we have established intensive contacts with political and administrative managers and institutions in Germany and in our partner countries.

As a DMAN customer, you benefit from the expertise of our specialists, who are familiar with almost all aspects of public administration, and from our extensive network through which we can bring you in touch with high-ranking personages.

Personnel development

Young administration managers

For young managers, it is important to understand the international business environment. Being able to cope with cultural differences, for instance, is an essential element of their professional and personal development.

In our overview seminars, we give young managers insight into different subject matters. In intensive seminars, they familiarize themselves with a defined topic, as chosen by and agreed with their companies. Presentation and communication training can be a part of these seminars.

International exchange

Exchange of experience

In addition to specialized information, personal encounters and the exchange of ideas and experience play a major role in our programmes for political and administrative managers.

Currently, our participants are particularly interested in topics such as business development, regional development, industrial policy, vocational training, labour legislation, support of small and medium-sized companies.

Local government

Seminar on local government topics

The local government system in Germany, cooperation between non-profit organisations and the State and the provision of public services – these are some of the areas which our participants are particularly interested in.

In our seminars, they gain ideas and suggestions which they can often (after adaptation to the respective local requirements) put into immediate practice in their home administrations.

Typical topics include social services, education, culture, as well as water supply, waste water management, waste recycling, housing industry.

Management techniques for administrations

Municipal management

Nowadays, public administrations, just like companies, have to consider the introduction of innovation management and change management processes. Internal marketing is required to better adapt the administrative services to the actual requirements of the citizens. Other current topics are: quality management and certification, e-Government and similar IT-based solutions.