Nepal - shock and sympathy

The news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal has affected us greatly. Fortunately, DMAN project manager Christian Wagner could confirm that all the local project team members are doing well, under the circumstances.

Mr. Wagner, who is currently in Kathmandu, is scheduled to leave the country on Wednesday. Harald Becker, Director International Relations at DMAN, who also happened to be in Kathmandu on April 25, has returned safely to Germany. The top photo shows the place where he had been staying during the earthquake.

Together with its consortium partners FNSCI (Nepal) and Skat (Switzerland), DMAN has carried out the EU-funded SWITCH ASIA program "Sustainable Construction Practices (SCP)" since early 2012. This project supports the introduction of energy-efficient and climate-friendly technologies in the production of bricks (Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln) and other sustainable materials. The trip of Mr. Wagner and Mr. Becker was dedicated to the successful completion of this project.

As of now, we do not have any information on the impact which the earthquake may have had on the individual local project sites where the new technology was introduced in brickyards. We very much hope that destruction is not severe and that the brickyards can make an effective contribution to the reconstruction in Nepal. Background information on the project can be found on

We express our deepest sympathy with all those who were hit by the earthquake, and hope that the international aid will effectively support them on site.