Mexican managers to be trained in Celle

In June, DMAN will, for the first time, welcome a group of participants from Mexico. During their one-month stay, the Mexican managers study business management best practices and meet with potential German business partners.

From the very beginning of the BMWi Manager Training Program, DMAN has been involved in the execution of these qualification programmes. In the context of this engagement, we will now welcome a group from Mexico for the first time:

From 7 June to 4 July 2015, some 20 Mexican managers will come to Celle to study the best practices of the management in small and medium-sized companies and to get to know potential German business partners with the help of DMAN.

"In Mexico there are plenty of young professionals who fulfill the requirements for the program and are eager to participate," says Harald Becker, Director of International Relations at DMAN, who travelled to Mexico City in May to prepare the group for their Germany stay. "We look forward to welcoming the first Mexican participants in Celle, and we are sure that they will greatly benefit from this practice-oriented program,  just like the many previous participants from other countries."

Mexico is the latest country that joined the BMWi Manager Training Program. While the program has been carried out successfully with the countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and Central Asia during the past 16 years, it now also includes countries on the other side of the world. The first participant from Mexico came to Germany in 2013, followed by others last year.

Under the motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany" the participants complete a one-month program in Germany. During their stay, they acquire management expertise, gain insight into business best practices and establish contacts with German companies.